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EU-oikeudelta tuomio Italialle

Keskustelua kertoimentarjoajista sekä rahaliikenteestä.
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EU-oikeudelta tuomio Italialle

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Taitaa olla Rahapelifoorumin ehdotukselle tulla lopullinen niitti. Tosin Saksan viranomainen selittelee samaa tarinaa kuin on kuultu Suomen viranomaistenkin suusta: "Italian tilanne on erilainen, eikä kosketa Saksaa sillä meillä on valtion monopoli, jonka tarkoituksena on estää pelihimoa" :P

http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid= ... r=consumer

EU Court Strikes Down Italian Gambling Restriction (Update2)

By Stephanie Bodoni

March 6 (Bloomberg) -- State-run gambling companies in the European Union may find it harder to defend their monopolies after Europe's highest court lifted a barrier Italy used to keep out foreign competitors.

The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg today ruled Italy can't use criminal law to stop gaming companies licensed in other EU nations, including the U.K.'s Stanley Leisure Plc, from taking bets in the country. A law barring publicly traded companies from obtaining licenses restricts ``the freedom to provide services.''

State monopolies in France, Germany and other countries have been criticized by companies such as Ladbrokes Plc for blocking their cross-border online gaming business. Shares of providers such as Austrian Web bookmaker Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG surged after today's court decision, which may remove some restrictions on the EU's 50 billion-euro ($66 billion) industry.

``This is a step further toward a liberalization of the European gambling markets,'' said Lode Van Den Hende, a lawyer in the Brussels office of Herbert Smith. ``Overall this is very good now for the gaming operators. If this had gone against them they could have closed shop.''

A spokesman for Italy's state monopoly, which oversees gaming in Italy, wasn't immediately available to comment.

Liverpool Bets

Massimiliano Placanica and two other people who operated shops in Italy where people could place online bets with Stanley's office in Liverpool, England, faced criminal charges under Italian law because Stanley didn't have a local gaming license. Stanley argued its U.K. license should be recognized by all EU countries.

The court prohibited the use of criminal law in particular in cases where foreign betting companies were refused the required license by the country, as was the case for Stanley.

``The Italian criminal penalties for the collecting of bets by intermediaries acting on behalf of foreign companies are contrary,'' to EU rules, an 11-judge panel of the court said.

The tribunal today left it to the national courts to decide whether by restricting the number of operators in the gaming and betting industry in the country, Italy was ``genuinely'' contributing to the goal of preventing crime.

`Landmark' Decision

Stanley said it was a ``landmark'' decision that will put pressure on governments and the European Commission, the EU's executive arm in Brussels, to end national protectionism.

``We think it's time that the commission and national lawmakers act now to end this protectionism,'' said Adrian Morris, deputy director-general of Stanley.

``This judgment is another step along the road to fairer competition in Europe,'' Christopher Bell, chief executive of Ladbrokes, said in an e-mailed statement. ``We have already seen Italy and Spain move to open up their betting markets and this judgment supports our view that the policies of many EU governments are inappropriate and disproportionate in restricting free and fair competition.''

Bwin said the decision was a ``milestone toward the opening of the European gambling market.''

The commission last year started probing 10 EU countries including Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and France for discrimination by barring rivals from offering the same services as their state lotteries. They face being taken to the EU court depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Share Gains

Stock in Bwin, whose co-chief executive officers were detained for three days in September by French authorities, rose as much as 5.20 euros, or 21 percent, to 29.60 euros, heading for its biggest one-day gain in almost seven years. They traded at 28.49 euros as of 3:54 p.m. in Vienna.

Unibet advanced as much as 15.50 kronor, or 9.2 percent, to 183.5 kronor in Stockholm, the biggest jump since December 2005. The company sponsors a professional cycling team whose members were barred last month by the organizers of a French race from wearing uniforms that displayed Unibet's Web site address.

Ladbrokes shares gained as much as 3.1 percent to 408.75 pence in London trading.

Sportingbet Plc, the online bookmaker that owns Paradise Poker, advanced as much as 4.25 pence, or 8.7 percent, to 53.25 pence in London. Gaming VC Holdings SA, a Web casino company that gets most of its sales from Germany and Austria, rose as much as 8 pence, or 7.8 percent, to 111 pence.

Questionable Effects

Still, lawyers including Quirino Mancini at Sinisi Ceschini Mancini and Partners in Rome said today's decision may be limited to the circumstances in this case. The court focused on Stanley's business, which ``isn't pure online betting,'' he said.

``Those who will now claim this is a big ruling for the whole online betting industry may be wrong,'' he said. Other bookmakers, including Bwin have a different model and may not directly benefit until another round of court proceedings.

The decision won't have any effect on Germany's state monopoly, said Friedhelm Repnik, spokesman for the association of the Lotto corporations, Germany's lottery.

``The situation in Italy is a completely different,'' he said. ``They have a partially open market, here in Germany we have a clear state monopoly, whose central goal it is to prevent gambling addiction.''

The court has previously backed gaming monopolies if they're designed to prevent gambling addiction, he said.

Italy had already opened up its gaming market by introducing new rules in July 2006, said Mancini. Three months later it offered 16,000 licenses, which ``caused a major change in the whole gaming distribution network in Italy,'' he said.

British operators Ladbrokes and William Hill Plc are just two non-Italian companies that got a license to set up betting shops in Italy, he said.

The case numbers are C-338/04, C-359/04, C-360/04 Procuratore della Repubblica v Massimiliano Placanica, Christian Palazzese and Angelo Sorrichio Placanica.

To contact the reporter on this story: Stephanie Bodoni in Luxembourg via sbodoni@bloomberg.net

Last Updated: March 6, 2007 10:04 EST


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Hyvä päätös, mutta itse kyllä veikkaan, että ennen kuin Veikkauksen ja
RAYn monopolit Suomessa on purettu tarvitaan vielä monta oikeusjuttua.

Jokaisessa maassa, jossa on pelimonopoleja, käytetään varmaan loppuun
asti tuota tuttua perustelua "meidän tilanteemme on erilainen ..." Ja sehän
tarkoittaa sitä, että jokaisen maan kohdalla tilanne tullaan myös erikseen
tutkimaan ennen kuin markkinat (toivottavasti) avataan lopullisesti.


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Viimeinen varoitus pelimonopoleista20.3.2007 20:12

EU-komissio on koventamassa vaatimuksiaan kansallisten vedonlyöntirajoitusten lieventämiseksi.

Suomi, Ruotsi, Tanska ja Unkari ovat saamassa viimeisen varoituksen pelimonopoleista, kertoi uutistoimisto Reuters tiistaina.

Käytännössä komissio uhkaa viedä pelimonopolit oikeuteen, mikäli jäsenmaat eivät muuta lainsäädäntöään. Varoitus on jatkoa komission viime keväänä aloittamalle pelimonopoleja koskevalle selvitykselle.

Usealla EU-maalla on valtiollinen pelimonopoli, eivätkä ne välttämättä ole unionin sääntöjen vastaisia. EY-tuomioistuin on kuitenkin aiemmin vaatinut jäsenmaita kohtuullistamaan vedonlyöntirajoituksiaan.



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Jälleen näitä viimeisiä varoituksia. Ei näytä koskevan varmaankaan Suomea, kun ei ole jutussa mainittu. :D

http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/b ... 991136.ece

From The TimesJune 27, 2007

Brussels threatens court action over state betting monopoliesAdam Sage in Paris
The European Commission will set itself on collision course with France, Sweden and Greece today when it orders them to end lucrative state-run sports betting monopolies.

Paris and Stockholm will be given a final chance to change their legislation or face court action, while Athens will receive an initial warning. Sweden has hinted at a willingness to compromise with Brussels, but the French say that they will defend state gambling operators against competition from the internet.

“France will not lie down,” said a spokesman for the French Finance Ministry, which received more than €3.3 billion (£2.2 billion) from horse racing betting, football pools and the national lottery last year.

Unless Paris agrees to open up its sports betting market, at least partially, the Commission appears likely to take action in the European Court of Justice.

The row does not concern the national lottery, whose monopoly is unchallenged.

Charlie McCreevy, the Internal Markets Commissioner, has thrown his weight behind internet gambling companies, which want a slice of the €25 billion French betting market. He has decided to step up the pressure on France and Sweden after dismissing their claim that state monopolies were a safeguard against gambling addiction. He believes that the argument is a pretext for protectionism and points out that France’s national gambling operators themselves advertise for custom.

“A member state cannot invoke the need to restrict its citizens’ access to betting services if at the same time it incites and encourages them to participate in state lotteries, games of chance or betting which benefits the State’s finances,” Mr McCreevy said. He said that French state operators have also weakened their case by seeking to expand into other European markets.

The Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU), which controls bets on horse racing in France, also takes money on Belgian races, for example. Last year, the PMU had revenue of €8.1 billion and contributed €1.02 billion to the French state budget. Its profits of about €600 million are used to finance the French horse racing industry, which says it would collapse if the PMU monopoly was undermined.

Private anger

The internet gambling firm Unibet is to sue the organisers of the Tour de France for barring its team from this year’s event. Amaury Sport Organisation said it could be prosecuted if it allowed Unibet to take part. French authorities say that it is an offence for private gambling operators to advertise in France.


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