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Pinnacle Sports - Questions and Answers

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Pinnacle Sports - Questions and Answers

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Re: Pinnacle Sports - Questions and Answers

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In an interview a few years ago, the head-linesmaker said they don't have an automatic system which detects sharps, is this still the case?

RH - Yes
I doubt this holds. Probably depends on a definition of a 'system'. Pinnacle does has a rather sophisticated soft to profile players (I believe this is what the question was about), no doubt about it. At least this is what I heard, from quite reliable source.
Is there a group of high-winning people on Pinnacle, winning seven digit figures yearly? What was the last game you lost big money on? How many linesmakers are in the company working on a daily basis?
Would the biggest syndicates sate the appetite winning 7 digits annually? I don't like the odds.


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