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Centrebet sold

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Centrebet sold

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Centrebet bought by SportOdds!!

The Sydney-based SportOdds Group, has purchased the Centrebet business from Jupiter’s Limited.

SportOdds is Australia's largest privately owned sports betting company and its principals, Con and Peter Kafataris, have between them operated as successful racecourse bookmakers for 60 years. The official betting agency of Rugby World Cup 2003, SportOdds holds licenses in the Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia and the United Kingdom. Over the coming months, Centrebet will introduce many more new and exciting options so as to enhance your betting experience.

Centrebet will continue trading as Centrebet, operating under the Northern Territory's rules and regulations, with all staff remaining unchanged.

All rights and obligations of Centrebet Pty Ltd ABN 78 082 760 610 existing under your contract with it, including any debts owed to or by you, have been assigned to SuperOdds (Australia) Pty Ltd ACN 106 487 736, a member of the SportOdds group.

If you have any questions regarding Centrebet's change of ownership, please feel free to contact one of their Customer Services team - any time, day or night. Visit Centrebet to see what they are all about !

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Centrebet B+ www.centrebet.com
Sportodds C- www.sportodds.com

lähde on kaikkien rakastama puolueeton SBR

http://www.sportsbookreview.com/sportsb ... atings.htm


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