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Helppo $50 (BetHoldem)

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Helppo $50 (BetHoldem)

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Laitetaan nyt tänne kun ite sain just bonuksen himaan, aikaa ei mene kauaa kun paria pöytää pelaa :) Eli talleta jotain ja pelaa 50 pointsia ja laita viestiä supportille ja ne laittaa sulle $50. Bonus voimassa tämän kuun. Saitti on priman verkossa.

https://secure.sininter.com/redir/redir ... iteID=1490


So make sure you get paid to play poker in April. Earn 50 Betholdem Points (BP) in April and receive $50 in chips.
No catches the chips are yours to do what you want with them after there credited. No wagering requirements!
Just play at any table $1/$2 and higher or any tournament (1 BP for each $1 fee) – then email support@betholdem.com and you can redeem 50 Betholdem points for $50, It’s that easy!
*not valid with any other offers or rebates.

- Terms and Conditions

1. One Free Chips offer per account. Any duplicate accounts will be closed and funds frozen.
2. 1st deposit bonus must earned prior to qualifying for the April bonus offer. Betholdem points that contributed towards the 1st deposit bonus will not qualify towards the requirements of the April offer.
3. Betholdem points earned Prior April 1st can not be used for this offer. You can click on the betholdem point’s button in the poker lobby to see your April point’s statement.
4. Offer applies to all real players of betholdem. $50 of bonus chips will be awarded per successful completion of 50 Betholdem points. To qualifying for Bet Holdem Points all play must on tables $1/$2 and higher and tournaments that a fee is charged.
5. 50 Betholdem points will be removed from your betholdem point’s account and $50 real cash will credit to your sportsbook account.
6. This offer can not be combined with any other offers or rebates.
7. The Offer period starts April 1st. and closes at April 30th 2006. All redemption requests must be received by April 30, 2006 EST. Any request after that date will not be honored.
8. Free poker chips will be deposited into your account within 24 hours of receiving your claim.
9. Offer only applies to customers who have made a real money deposit with betholdem.

https://secure.sininter.com/redir/redir ... iteID=1490

*linkit on affl.


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