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NBA Houston Rockets - Detroit Pistons

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NBA Houston Rockets - Detroit Pistons

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NBA Houston Rockets - Detroit Pistons

Recommendation: OVER 206

Odds: 1.884

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

The first game in the series finished 116-105 for Detroit and it will be pretty normal to expect a bounce back from Rockets and split for the season. I very much prefer the OVER play though as many reasons support the probability for an entertaining game.

Houston have always relied on outscoring the opponent to win games, and frankly speaking they’re quite good at it. Detroit held them to under 40 % from the field in the first game and still let 106 points. Pistons themselves have slipped badly on the defensive end in their last 4-5 games, allowing close to 105 opponents’ points. Stan Van Gundy publicly expressed his disgust with his boys defensive effort but it’s easier said than done, especially when you play against a superstar looking at the referees everytime when somebody breathe too close to him.

We’ll surely see quite a lot of heck-a tactics tonight, respectively Howard and Drummond. This is usually done in the early seconds of a possession so generally leads to a few more possessions being played in every quarter after the first one. If both centers make a miracle and score like 60 % from FT, that will surely be welcomed at my end too


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