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NBA 12.03

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NBA 12.03

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Lakers vs Knicks

It is no secret that after huge amount of injuries, both teams lack offensive talent and talent in general. Both teams really wish that this season would be over now as they have nothing to play for, unless you consider losing to tank as something worth to play. The Knicks are dead last with a record of 12-51 and the Lakers are not much better with a record of 17-46. All that has lead to games that lack energy and for both teams having offensive struggles for most of the time.

The Lakers did win a game 2 nights ago, but it was because of the effort at the defensive end as they still only scored 93 points against the Pistons. In 3 previous games they have suffered a loss and scored below 100 points (94, 90 and 93 points). The Knicks scoring has been even much worse recently as they struggle even to reach to 90 points in most of the games. During an active 5 game losing streaks they have scored 86, 82, 86, 78 and 82 points – that`s an average of only 82.8 points per game.

Both teams lack a scoring talent, but they do try at the defensive end. With nowhere to run their offensive game plan is to run their half court offense, look for open shots (that almost never come) and then take a difficult jump shots. All that has meant a low scoring ugliness with low shooting percentages that is likely to continue tonight. Take under 190.5 points @1.952 from Pinnacle with 2/5 units.



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