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NBA 11/03

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NBA 11/03

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Thunder vs Clippers

Both teams will have to play without one of their stars. Both teams really do not mind doing it, but the situation is actually a lot different. While playing without Durant, Russell Westbrook has been putting up ridiculous numbers, it does not show in the Thunder results. Even with triple doubles almost in every game from Westbrook, OKC still loses some of those games and if they do win, it has not been easy. The Thunder are 3-3 over the last 6 games and have not covered +7 points in any of those games.

The Clippers will have to play without Blake Griffin, but CP3 has taken the car keys in his hand and been driving Since the All-Stars break, the Clippers are 5-4, with couple of impressive wins (MEM, CHI) and none of the games ending with an embarrassing result. In fact, the Clippers have lost only once by more than 7 points since the All-Stars break (against the best team in the league GSW).

Russell Westbrook performances are kind of a overshadowing the average games the Thunder have played lately. Westbrook can score 40+ points, but opposing teams know exactly where the Thunder offense comes from. Thus it makes the Thunder offensively really predictable and easy to defend at the end of the games. Chris Paul on the other hand is doing more of sharing the ball, while also taking care of his points. It will be a great game between 2 teams with equal quality. The Thunder have home court advantage, the Clippers have a coaching upper hand. Would not be a surprise if the Clippers win this game straight up, but we are happy to take the generous points. Take the Clippers to cover +7 points @2.000 with 3/5 units from Pinnacle.



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