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NBA 02.02

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NBA 02.02

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Cavaliers vs 76ers

The Cavaliers have won 9 games in a row and look like a team that can be a contender for the titel in June. If they can stay healthy. Health and offensive consistency have been the 2 key issues during their winning streak as Kevin Love (back) and Lebron James (wrist) struggle with minor injuries and J.R.Smith, who takes a lot of shots, has gone back to his Knicks days shooting only 33% from the field (27% behind the arc) over the last 5 games. So instead of scoring close (or more) to 120 points like they did at the beginning of their streak, the Cavs have been hanging around 100 points in recent games even against the teams that usually allow a lot of points.

It is no secret that the 76ers lack offensive talent and it does not even matter if they play against a good or bad defensive teams for most of the games they struggle even to score 90 points. Only once in this calendar year they have been able to score more than 100 points (against the T`Wolves, who are as bad as the 76ers themselves). As they enter the games as massive underdogs for right reasons, their tactics has been to keep the games at low pace in hope they can hang in there until the closing minutes.

It is expected to be a blowout and it is likely to be a safe margin for the Cavaliers during the 4th quarter. It actually hurts the scoring as the Cavs, (especially LBJ) when having a safe lead, like to bounce the ball near the mid-court for 15 seconds of their offensive possessions. Having young roster the 76ers can and want to work at the defensive end to keep the score respectable. Bench players from both teams will see higher than usual minutes, which should slow down the scoring as well. The Cavs will score around 100 points, while holding the 76ers below 90 points. Take under 193.5 points @1.952 with 2/5 units from Pinnacle.

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