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NBA 31.01

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NBA 31.01

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Pistons vs Rockets

Reality hit the Pistons hard 3 nights ago, when they suffered one of the worst losses this season against the 76ers. It was a back-to-back game and the Pistons came out with no energy, shot only 31% from the field and 2-20 behind the arc. After 3 days of rest and licking their wounds, things should look much better offensively as they have couple of big advantages over the Rockets tonight. Namely: Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond.

Dwight Howard is out and that really opens the door for the Pistons big guys. Even with Howard Houston would have their hands full of dealing with 2 monsters inside, but now it will be a massacre for 48 minutes. Monroe and Drummond will offensively get anything they want and the Rockets only answer can be either cut the connection between back court and front court or make the Pistons big guys to shoot the free-throws.

While playing without Howard Houston`s answer offensively has been to shoot more 3-pointers, watch Harden occasionally drive to the basket and not even try to score points from inside. Even though their shooting percentages have been pretty awful they have still been able to score close to 100 points. Reason is simple – all their players are „trigger happy“ and they rarely waste more than 15 seconds to take the shot.

Both teams have clear advantages offensively. Detroit will go to their big guys, Houston will shoot from outside. The Pistons will also try to rise the tempo and score before the Rockets defense can settle. After having 3 days of rest and playing against tired legs, they are likely to get some easy fast break points. If both teams can shoot close to normal shooting percentages, many open looks, tempo of the game and constant offensive mismatches should secure a high scoring game. Take over 203.5 points @1.97 from Pinnacle with 3/5 units.

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