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NBA 30.01

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NBA 30.01

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Heat vs Mavericks 30.Jan

Dwyane Wade will be out for an extended period of time with an hamstring injury. That only means that the Heat have one offensive weapon less and now have to rely heavily on Chris Bosh making his jump shots. The Heat organisation fully understands that even if Bosh can shoot with a high percentage, Deng can help offensively and outside shots go in they are still not likely to score much more than 90 points. All that means, that the Heat will try to defend as hard as they can and they will just kill the tempo of the game to keep it a low-scoring affair.

The Mavericks have lost 4 games in a row. Their problems are mainly at the offensive end, where other than Monta Ellis no other player can score with any kind of consistency – not even Nowitzky. Teams leave Rajon Rondo open offensively and dare him to shoot from outside taking away the passing lines. Rondo`s answer so far has been forcing the issue, which has led to missed shots and many turnovers, offensive struggles and 4 losses in a row.

Miami knows that the worst thing that can happen is them letting the Mavs to start running and scoring in fast breaks. This is why they will once again kill the tempo of the game, walk the ball up the court and use the strategy that has been working well for them so far. If they can make Dallas to play its a half-court offense they have an outside chance to win. With both teams having offensive problems for different reasons we see this game being much more low-scoring as the lines suggest. Take under 191.5 points @1.884 with 3/5 units from Pinnacle.

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