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NBA 28.01

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NBA 28.01

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Rockets vs Mavericks

Dwight Howard is questionable to play tonight (game time decision), but his presence is not as crucial as it seems. First of all the Rockets are used to play without him as he has missed a big junk of the games this season already, Secondly, although the Rockets run less their offense is more effective without Howard. Less Horward means more Harden and thats a good thing. Tyson Chandler would be a good defensive match up against the Howard anyway.

The Rockets didn`t manage to get a win against the red-hot Warriors in 2 games, but other than that they have looked solid recently. They got a win against the Thunder (by 11 points), crushed the Pacers, won an away game against the Suns (Hardens buzzer beater, but should not have been that close really) and then rolled over the Lakers. With 2 days of rest they will be ready to go.

The Mavericks of course have to play it as a back end of back-to-back situation after a loss against the Grizzlies last night. Memphis played without Tony Allen and Mike Conley, but it did not matter. It marked 3rd loss in a row for the Mavericks and not everything seems to be working. Rajon Rondo has been benched during closing minutes of the game recently and there are some chemistry issues back again.

No matter if Howard plays or not we think the Rockets are clear favorites tonight. They did beat the Mavericks in November (without Howard) and are actually in a better position tonight. Take the Rockets to cover -4.5 points @2.020 from Pinnacle with 3/5 units.

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