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NBA 27.01

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NBA 27.01

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Warriors vs Bulls 27.Jan

As things are right now, any single digit spread for the Warriors seems like too low. Especially if they play at home. It has been nothing other than destruction of other teams in recent weeks, as the Warriors have an active 5-game winning streak and have lost only once this calendar year. Golden State is 21-1 at home and their winning margins have been ridiculous. They did won a game against the Celtics only by 3 points, but Boston only made a comeback during the 4th quarter in a game which the Warriors controlled. Other than that, the Warriors winning margins are closer to 20 points than staying below 10 points.

The Bulls defense has been much worse this season than in previous years. They have improved offensively, but with injuries affecting their team chemistry they have been „on and off“ team for most of the season. For example in their last game against the Heat, Chicago really struggled with a shooting percentage and shot only 36% from the field. This is something that just can`t happen tonight or the Warriors will win by 30 points. In fact all Chicago players have to have a great or good shooting night for the Bulls to stay close. What hurts them is the fact that Mike Dunleavy is sidelined with an ankle injury and they would badly need their best shooter in a game like this.

With the Warriors flawless basketball it takes a perfect performance from the Bulls to have chance in this game. Golden State can score at rapid pace and the Bulls defense has been much much worse this season. We are not seeing any signs of the Warriors hot shooting cooling off any time soon and until then single digit spreads are value bets. Take the Warriors -9.5 points @1.909 with 2/5 units from Pinnacle.

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