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NBA 24.01

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NBA 24.01

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Grizzlies vs 76ers

The Memphis Grizzlies tried to address their lack of shooting and scoring talent when they traded for Jeff Green couple of weeks ago. Adding Green will help their scoring, but it does not solve their struggles of shooting the ball from outside. Green still likes drives to the basket more than jump shots and rightfully so. Over the recent games lack of outside shooting has been especially obvious as the Grizzlies went 3-22 behind the arc against the Maverics and then almost stopped trying against the Raptors (1-7 behind the arc). Their best outside shooter Courtney Lee started from the bench as Jeff Green got inserted to a starting five first time in his Grizzlies career.

Of course the Grizzlies strength is at low post, so they keep pounding the ball inside and look for Gasol or Randolph to go one-on-one against their defenders. This is what kills the tempo of the game as the Grizzlies are waiting for their big guys to take their positions at the offensive end. Taking shots inside will force their opponents to inbound the ball after made baskets and results to underneath the rim rebounds after missed shots, making it almost impossible to go for fast breaks. So it is not by accident that the scoring totals have dropped in the Grizzlies games recently.

The 76ers of course lack offensive talent and against a great defensive team like the Grizzlies they will find it difficult to score. As they will have this game back end of a back-to-back, running and rising the tempo of the game is not something they seriously consider. It has been their tactics anyway to keep the games at low pace in hope they can hang in there until the closing minutes. It has been more than a month now since the 76ers scored 100 points or more.

We expect this game to be at a low pace. Memphis will offensively wait for their big guys, Philadelphia is too busy guarding them, so they can`t run and will look clueless in half-court sets. Take under 190.5 points @1.952 with 2/5 units from Pinnacle.

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