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NBA 22.01

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NBA 22.01

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Bulls vs Spurs

We like the Spurs a lot and we think the Bulls are not in a good form at the moment. Chicago has lost 6 of their last 8 games, which alone might not say a lot, but their performance has also been rather poor. It took a monumental 46-point effort from Gasol for the Bulls to beat the Bucks and a game against just poor Celtics to win their 2nd game in last 15 days. Other than that the Bulls have lost to UTA, WAS 2x, ORL, ATL and CLE. Joakim Noah is listed doubtful and will likely miss the game, Mike Dunleavy is listed as questionable – both are obviously important pieces for the Bulls.

The Spurs are probably the toughest team, the Bulls have met for a while, especially now when they are again playing high quality basketball and have key players back in the lineup. 4-game winning streak is one thing, but the Spurs also have been playing excellent basketball again. The Spurs also have to keep playing great as their early season struggles mean that they need to put few good runs together to get the home court advantage for first round of the play-offs. Both players and coach Popovich understand that and have claimed they want to win the game against the Bulls and sweep the 6-game home stand that follows.

This is a momentum based bet. The Spurs are gaining form and have been playing better, while the Bulls have been struggling at both ends of the floor. We expect this trend to continue and see the Spurs winning tonight. Take the Spurs -5 points @1.952 from Pinnacle with 2/5 units.

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