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NBA 19.01

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NBA 19.01

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Grizzlies vs Mavericks

When it comes to the record teams are quite evenly matched. The Grizzlies are 29-11, while the Mavericks have a record of 28-13. The spread also suggest that teams should be more or less at the same level as it is -3.0 points for the home team. Well, teh thing that gets over looked here is that the Grizzlies are much better home team than most of the teams in the league. They are 16-4 at home and have won 4 games in a row at home including wins against the Spurs and Trailblazers. Memhis has also won 4 games in a row and their struggles couple of weeks ago were mainly cause Zach Randolph was sitting out games with an injury.

The Mavericks have been playing worse than many of us expected (after getting Rondo). 3 unimpressive losses over the last week (DET, LAC and DEN) is something that shows that they are not yet where they want to be.The Grizzlies give them match up problems at low post as they do against most of the teams and Tony Allen historically has been doing a good job guarding Nowitzki.

Mike Conley is questionable for this game and might not play. He has been absent for 2 games and it has not mattered. The Grizzlies have good back up point guards and the way they feed the ball inside to Randolph and Gasol it should not be critical even if Conley sits. Since Randolph returned from injury the Grizzlies have been looking great and we expect them to do a good job while playing at home. Take Grizzlies to cover -3 points @1.925 from Pinnacle with 3/5 units.



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