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NBA 14.01

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NBA 14.01

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Celtics vs Hawks 14.Jan

The Boston Celtics (13-23) organisation is doing everything in their power to make the team worse this season. To some extent it is working as the Celtics just do not have enough offensive quality to win games against good teams. Recent Jeff Green trade took away their last quality offensive player and gave back Tayshaun Prince who has never been able to score in his whole career. So it is difficult to imagine how the Celtics will win any meaningful games rest of the season and it is not like they are really worried about being bad. In fact they are happy to tank.

The Hawks are flying high. As high as the Eastern Conference standing goes. It has been somewhat surprise, but the Hawks are playing the best teamball at the moment. All pieces fit to their places, they have stars that can lead them (Horford, Millsap), great roleplayers (Korver) and lineup that goes 10 players deep. 8-game winning streak is awesome, but the level of their performance is actually even more impressive. It is something that the Celtics just can not reach for rest of the season.

It will be back-to-back game for the Hawks, but they did not have to sweat a lot last night playing against the 76ers, so they will be ready. If the Hawks can keep up anywhere close to their recent standard it will be an easy ride to a 9th straight win. Take the Hawks to cover -6.5 points @1.909 from Pinnacle with 3/5 units.

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14.01.2015 18:16 <pelipoika> hmm... Oddsportalin mukaan kerroin on ollu 1,91 kello 14:22

14.01.2015 18:16 <pelipoika> 14:23 laskenu 1,88 ja koko ajan ollut laskussa.. tää

14.01.2015 18:17 <pelipoika> vihjattu 16:51

14.01.2015 18:45 <suppoo> tää ei postaa reaaliaikasia kertoimia...

14.01.2015 18:46 <suppoo> Joskus katoin et oli monta linjaa eri veto kun mitä tarjolla

15.01.2015 04:00 <Forggi> Taitaa kirjotella tuonne omalle saitilleen ensin...

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