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NBA 13.1

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NBA 13.1

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Kings vs Mavericks

The Kings are getting a lot of respect here and we think it is not fully deserved. They did win their last game against the Cavs by a large margin 103-84, but the key thing here is that the Cavs are just really really bad at the moment, while playing without Lebron James. So anyone who saw that game understands that it was more about Cleveland failing to play at a respectable level rather than the Kings playing great. Sacramento`s performance depends about 90% of how DeMarcus Cousins plays. If he can dominate at low post and hits some outside shots, the Kings are a dangerous team. If he has a bad or below average day, the Kings will struggle.

And this is why the Mavericks are a tough opponents for the Kings. Tyson Chandler is a former defensive player of the year and is one of the best low-post defenders in the league. He has height advantage, can match Cousins strenght and although offensively he is not a factor he will likely do a great job to frustrate Cousins at the other end of the court. That leaves the Kings offensively to rely a lot on Rudy Gay hitting outside shots – and it is not a winning formula.

The Mavs suffered a bad loss against the Clippers, but have had 3 off days to lick their wounds. They have been playing better as of late as Rajon Rondo is becoming more and more accustomed with the teams offense. It is a game where veteran team with veteran players will face young, hungry but unexperienced team. Dallas has match up advantages and we see them covering the spread. Take Mavs -4.5 points @1.909 from Pinnacle with 3/5 units.

You can read the 4/5 unit prediction for UTA-GSW game @Nbabets.net



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