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NBA 12.1

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NBA 12.1

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Raptors vs Pistons 12.Jan

It has been simply amazing how the Pistons have turned their season around since they got rid of Josh Smith. They have won 8 of their last 9 games and impressed a lot. But winning instead of losing is not the only thing that has changed. The Pistons also have changed they style of their game and are now running much more than previously. That has led to the rise of their offensive output from 94.4 to 106.2 points per game. Their field-goal percentage has jumped from 41.3% to 46.5%, their turnovers are down and their assists are up.

The Raptors have started to lose lately. Some of it is tough part of the schedule, but it is also the fact that they are not able to stop anyone at the defensive end. Teams are not only going above 100 points against them, but score close to 120 points at times. The Raptors still can score themselves as they have many offensive weapons at hand. They are of course one of the best scoring teams in the league averaging 107.7 points per game.

The over/under line is few points lower here than it should be. Neither of these teams will play much of the defense and both teams will try to score their opponent out of the building. Knowing that both teams are not good at the defensive end and both teams can and will score points with an ease we like the over here. Take over 207.5 points @1.943 with 3/5 units from Pinnacle.



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