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NBA 7.1

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NBA 7.1

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76ers vs Bucks

The 76ers won their last game and all the sudden we are seeing single digit spread for them again. We need to have a reality check here. They did beat the Cavaliers, but Cleveland played without James and Irving, which makes them one of the weakest teams in the league. Now, before the previous game, the 76ers have been quite frankly murdered in 5 games in a row. Losing margins in these games were: 21, 17, 40, 18 and 36 points.

The Bucks are 18-18 and hold a 6th seed in the Eastern Conference standings. They are not a great team, but they surely are a solid team that rarely lets some stink bombs in. Coached by Jason Kidd, they try hard each and every game and although against strong opponents they often lack some talent, they do a good job against weak teams. Being .500 team means that games like they have tonight they absolutely have to win to stay in the play-off race. The Bucks have done a good job against bottom teams of the league winning them by a double digit margins (93-81 vs PHI, 103-86 @MIN, 104-88 @DET, 95-82 @NYK).

After getting a rare win the 76ers players can relax and fall back to their usual stuff – losing games in a blowout fashion. The Bucks need to win this game and Jason Kidd will make sure there won`t be any fooling around. Expect it to be a double digit win for Milwaukee. Take Bucks to cover -6.5 points with 3/5 units @1.952 from Pinnacle.



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