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NBA 25.12

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NBA 25.12

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Knicks vs Wizards

Sure it is a Christmas time, but the Knicks will get no Christmas spirit or presents from the Wizards. While dealing with injuries and just having no team chemistry at the moment the Knicks have been struggling. They have list 5 games in a row, 16 of their last 17 games and have an overall record of 5-25.

And the Knicks will have to play 19-8 team, that has all their players ready to go. Yes, the Wizards have lost 2 games in a row, but they also played against solid teams (PHX, CHI) and if anything, those losses should give them extra motivation to end the slide here and now.

Iman Shumpert and JR Smith will not play, Amare Stoudemire is questionable with a knee injury. All in all it means a lot of “lets give the ball to Melo and see him going one-on-one” offense. It has not proved to be successful so far and the Knicks need a little bit more than a Xmas miracle for it to work tonight. The spread for the Wizards is just too low. Washington should be by far the better team here and even if this game stays close, they should be able to cover the spread with last minute fouls. Take WAS -5 points @1.909 from with 3/5 units.

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25.12.2014 18:50 <Betman12> Tää on joku rahankeräysjuttu, maksoin ja vihjettä ei kuulu

25.12.2014 18:52 <Betman12> Laitan sen tänne, kun tulee, älkää maksako vielä

25.12.2014 19:02 <Hese> Sbobet -5.0/1.97

25.12.2014 19:02 <Betman12> Tuli se, ooh tuostako nyt piti maksaa:)

25.12.2014 21:19 <Hosila> Sorry, Betman, its Xmas, we are not online all the time :)

25.12.2014 23:31 <Betman12> jouluhan meno jo

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