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NBA 21.12

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NBA 21.12

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Raptors vs Knicks

The Knicks are 5-24, they are 1-9 in last 10 games and are on a 4-game losing streak. It would be a 15-game losing streak, but they were lucky enough to catch the Celtics sleeping a week ago. The situation is horrific enough, but it is even worse with all the nagging injuries the Knicks have to deal with. Stoudemire and Anthony are dealing with knee injuries, J.R. Smith is out with a heel injury and Shumpert and Bargnani will not return for weeks. Now, one or two injuries teams can over come if the schedule is favorable, but the Knicks have 4 of their key players limping and have to play backend of the back-to-back situation.

The Raptors of course are leading the Eastern Conference. 5-game winning streak, having one additional day of rest and home court advantage will have a huge impact here. Uptempo style the Raptors play will hurt already sore legs the Knicks players have. The Raptors have been excellent in putting away struggling or just weak teams early and with considerable margins. The Knicks of course fall into both categories.

This game has a blowout written all over it. Toronto has an advantage in every imaginable way and the handicap line, the bookies set, can`t be high enough. Take TOR to cover -12.5 points with 3/5 units.


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