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NBA 20.12

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NBA 20.12

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Mavs vs Spurs

The excitement is sky-high in Dallas after getting Rajon Rondo in a trade with the Celtics. Obvious point guard hole in their lineup is seemingly fixed and the Mavericks are officially playing for the title now. But it is also true that it will take some time for the team to adjust to Rondo and for Rondo to adjust to the team. It is likely to happen sooner rather than later, but it won`t happen instantly.

That is why the line +10.5 points for the defending champions is really strange. The Spurs rarely let something like a double digit loss happen to them. In fact it has happened only twice this season (in 27 games). Yes, the Spurs had a tough 3 OT loss last night and Popovich is likely to give Duncan a night off, but they also might have Tony Parker back in their lineup and the Spurs are just so deep and so well coached that they should have no problems replacing whoever Pop decides to rest.

This bet is based on belief that the Spurs are an excellent, well-coached, deep team and that the Mavs need at least few weeks to adjust to their roster changes. Take the Spurs to cover +10.5 points with 2/5 units.



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20.12.2014 20:13 <Hese> Hyvää settiä. Onx tämä sun omaa vai lainattu?

20.12.2014 23:27 <Hosila> Thanks, its mine of course

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