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NBA 19.12

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NBA 19.12

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Pistons vs Raptors

The Detroit Pistons lack any kind of identity. They are also probably the biggest disappointment this season going only 5-21 so far. Signing Stan Van Gundy as their head coach, they were expected to make a run for the play-off spot, but it has not happened. Their identity problems have been especially glaring against the teams playing uptempo style. Almost without the exception these teams have been able to score triple digits against the Pistons (LAL, PHI, GSW, BOS, PHX, LAC and DAL).

The Raptors surely belong to the group of teams that prefer to play run and gun style of basketball and have had their success with it. In 22 of 26 games played this season the Raptors have scored more than 100 points. Even wihtout DeRozan they like to take their shots early and push the tempo. The Raptors are averaging 107,3 points per game and should have no problems finding the basket against the Pistons.

The Raptors like to run and they are free to do that tonight. The Pistons have been happy to follow their opponents game plans this season and its not likely to change tonight. The Raptors will run and take their shots outside and the Pistons have some success offensively at low-post. It will lead to uptempo, free-flowing high scoring game that should see both teams going over 100 points. Take over 199.5 points with 3/5 units @2.000 from Pinnacle.



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