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NBA 17.12

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NBA 17.12

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Pistons vs Mavericks

The Pistons (5-20) just ended their 13-game losing streak with a pair of victories against Phoenix and Sacramento. Those wins, though, were followed by an ugly 113-91 loss to the Clippers on Monday. More than that the Pistons haven’t won a home game since the second week of the season, dropping 10 straight since defeating Milwaukee on Nov. 7. It’s not going to get any easier against the Maverics tonight.

The Mavericks (18-8) are coming from a good performance against the Knicks last night. It was the opening game of a back-to-back set against two of the NBA’s worst teams. This 107-87 victory actually came so easily that coach Carlisle had any problems for resting his starting five. Monta Ellis was the only Dallas player to reach 26 minutes. It will be a back-to-back game against the Pistons, but the veteran team is ready, they understand that if you can`t deliver your best against bad teams, good wins against good teams become pointless. That said the Mavs should have no problems also tonight.

I rely on the Mavericks being a veteran team with a lot of experience and believe they take this game seriously enough. They have plenty of fresh legs for putting this game away early. Take Dallas -6.5 points @1.961 from Pinnacle with 2/5 units.



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