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NBA 13.12

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NBA 13.12

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Hornets vs Nets

Both teams will play this game as a back-to-back, but it will obviously hurt the Nets more cause they are just older and have more injuries to deal with. The Nets managed to win last night (who doesn`t against the 76ers), but they have been an awful team to watch. They lack intensity, they don`t have an on court leader and some off-court rumors (Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez and Deron Williams are all available for trades) make sure the chemistry will not be there anytime soon.

The Charlotte Hornets dig themselves a huge hole when losing 10 games in a row, but over the last week they have shown some good signs of improvement. First they had 2 wins (NYK and BOS) and last night they made the Grizzlies to sweat for 2 OT periods before losing it in a close game. Memphis is a tough home team, so although losing this game, it should be seen as a step in the right direction. No matter the bad overall record (6-16), the Hornets have been a solid home team going 5-7 at home. The Nets of course are the easiest matchup they have seen in Charlotte this season.

Not having Brook Lopez will hurt the Nets as Al Jefferson will have a feast at low-post. Not having Mirza Teletovic will hurt the Nets outside shooting and having to play back-to-back game away will hurt the Nets old legs. We expect the improving Hornets to come out with more energy and to win this game. Take CHA -3.0 points @2.000 with 4/5 units.



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