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NBA 16.3

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NBA 16.3

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Blazers +7.5

Lakers once looked like a team that could give a scare to any of the West teams in the play-offs. All that magic seems to be gone now. L.A-s problems started already before the All-Star break when they went to a 5-game losing streak. The things haven’t proved much ever since as the Lakers are on an active 7-game losing streak right now. They lost to the Nuggets last night in a game where they were blown away in the second half. A game before they suffered the worst loss at home since the Lakers moved to Los Angeles from Minneapolis in 1960 as the Mavs 72-108 easily beat them. There are few good news as Odom and Walton are back from injuries, but don’t expect them to show anything spectacular – especially in b2b game. The Lakers will still miss Radmanovic due to injury. More than anything the Lakers seem to have lost their free-flowing offence.

If there is one team in this league that brings out the best of the Trailblazers its Lakers. Portland beat LA in first two meetings this year 101-90 at home and 112-108 at the Staples Centre. They tied meetings against the Lakers @2-2 last year even though they were only 21-61 team. Portland has a record 26-38 and although they have lost more than won lately, they are usually able to keep the games close.

We expect this game to be a close one. The Lakers have a home-court advantage but they are playing b2b and are currently on a 7-game losing streak. Portland may actually win this game, but we choose a safer option here and take the Blazers to cover the spread. Medium+ stakes!

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