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NBA 19/1

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NBA 19/1

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Magic vs Wizards over 205

This will be a third meeting between those two in this season. In first 2 games both teams went over 100 points with games ending 111-112 and 106-103. No surprise there really, as Wizards open court style usually leads to a high scoring games and both teams have a match up problems against each other.

Gilbert Arenas had one of the worst scoring games of the season 2 nights ago when the Wizards won the Knicks by a point. Arenas shot 4-14 from the field and 0-5 behind the arc totalling 16 points overall. By Arenas standards this is a failure and knowing his mindset he will totally go off today and explode for 35+ points. Just few examples: after scoring 7 points in the season opener Arenas scored 44 points in the next game, after scoring 3 points against the Grizzlies he scored 28 against the Pistons next night, coming from 10 and 17 points nights he scored 38 and 51 points respectively. So knowing Arenas mentality we should expect high scoring performance from him tonight (he scored 36 points against the Magic last time).

If the Magic will struggle containing Arenas, then the Wizards will have their own problems matching Magic`s low-post. With some struggles last month, Dwight Howard looks to be finding his rhythm again lately. Orlando`s roster is as healthy as ever in this season and sure to find holes in the Wizards D.

Hard to predict who will win here, but like in two previous meetings we expect this game to be high-scoring again thus will take over 205 points with medium- stakes!

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