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NBA 4.5

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NBA 4.5

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Game 6: Lakers -4.5

The series between the Suns and the Lakers are starting to heat up, as teams will head to game 6, which easily could be the decisive one. With Los Angeles having a 3-2 lead and the game 6 played at their home-court, this is the best shot for the Lakers to close out the series.

Yes, the Suns won game 5, but this win could prove to be very costly and mean losing the series. Having a secure lead over the Lakers in the 3rd quarter, Raja Bell made a hard foul on Kobe Bryant. He got ejected from the game and the league suspended him for the game 6. That is a very bad news for the Suns, as he is basically only guy in their roster, who can reasonably guard Kobe. Phoenix already has shortened list of players with Kurt Thomas and Amare Stoudemire out with injuries. The Suns basically have used only 8 players in this series, so now they will have to look deep on their bench or to risk running out of fumes and getting to the foul trouble late in the game.

The Lakers have won both home games so far in this series. Knowing that the last game will be played in Phoenix this game is “win or die” for the Lakers as much as it is for the Suns. Phoenix would have Bell back for game 7, they would have momentum of coming back from 1-3 hole and they would have every single person screaming for 48 minutes at their US Airways Center.

Phil Jackson will once again exploit his big guys at low-post, but the Lakers will also use more of Kobe Bryant tonight. The Suns have match up problems now all over the place. They have height problem against Kwame Brown, Shawn Marion has struggled against Lamar Odom through the series and Kobe will make the Suns pay for Bell`s absence. With home-court advantage at their side and their back against the wall, we expect the Lakers to come out storming and to secure the play-off round 2 spot here. The Lakers to cover the spread line with medium stakes.

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