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NBA 12.4

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NBA 12.4

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Bulls -3

The Bulls look like they are very close unit right now. Just watch the team now, and how it was a month ago. It's night and day. Chicago (36-41) has won seven of its last 10 games and has moved into a tie with Philadelphia for the final playoff berth in the Eastern Conference. Being in that situation should give an emotional lift and enough motivation for the team to beat the s… out of the lousy Hawks tonight.

The main reason Chicago is looking so much better is Ben Gordon who has finally found his scoring rhythm. Coach Skiles has been giving him more chances to make plays and that is definitely paying off. Gordon has been the go-to guy, especially in the closing periods, when his big shots are needed.

During last week the Hawks (24-53) were run off the floor twice, by the Wolves reserves on Sunday and by the Magic on Monday. The Hawks were at least trying to defend a month ago. They're trying to outscore teams now, and they just don't have enough weapons to do that. Atlanta has given up 95 or more points in seven of their past ten games and lost five of their last seven.

The Bulls have won the first 2 matchups this season and are in must win situation once again. Chicago still has good chances to reach the play-offs, which is why we expect to see highly motivated Bulls giving everything they got to win the Hawks in their way. This game will be played in Atlanta but ruled by the Bulls so handicap –3.5 offered by bookies will be taken with medium stakes.

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Atlanta Hawks - Chicago Bulls 37-63
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