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NBA 27.1

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NBA 27.1

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Heat -10

We have a team with a record of 11-32 and right now on a season high 9-game losing streak and then we have a team that on paper looks at least like a championship contender and has a record of 25-18. Nothing more or less than a blowout is expected here.

The Bobcats are solid team or they can play on a decent level when they have all their players healthy, but right now with all those nagging injuries they really don`t look like a team that should belong in this league. Naming all those injuries that the Bobcats have would make this site look like a medical journal so lets keep it short – the Cats won`t have Kareem Rush, Sean May, Gerald Wallace, Keith Bogans and Emeka Okafor (listed as questionable, but most probably out due to sprained ankle). In this league losing streaks happen to almost every team during the long season, but this streak the Cats have is not just because they have had bad luck, but because they enter the games so shorthanded that you could put +20 points to their opponents side right away. Last 2 games have been a great example as they lost by 28 points to the Spurs and by 24 points to the Rockets.

Miami is also not problemfree, as you would expect much more than 25-18 from a team with such a deep roster. They have shown some signs of improvement though, as they have 6-3 run over the last 9 tough-tough games. They lost to the Suns yesterday at home, but this should make the Heat even hungrier tonight to try to make a statement and dump the Bobcats as early and as big as possible. Without Gerald Wallace and Emeka Okafor in the Cats lineup it is hard to imagine how they can match Miami`s Shaq (and his replacement Zo) and Udonis Haslem at low-post and make no mistake Miami`s backcourt with Dwyane Wade and Jason Williams is also not quite from the Bobcats players dreams.

Charlotte has a homecourt advantage and one day more to rest, but the Heat have the rest. Much better team, much less injuries, much better momentum and much bigger desire to “kill” their opponents makes the Heat to look like a huge favourite here. Anything less than 20 points home team loss would be a suprise to us, so we take the –10 line with high stakes.

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