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NBA 9.12

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NBA 9.12

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Blazers vs Hornets -2

One of those two teams will end it´s losing streak tonight as they both will enter this game coming from straight losses (6 for the Blazers and 3 for the Hornets).

Big difference here is that when the Hornets look like a team, the Blazers (5-13) have been anything else but a TEAM over recent weeks. Portland`s losing streak would be up to 9 games if they weren`t lucky enough to meet the Hawks 2 weeks ago. So taking their only win over two weeks they put the Hawks away 77-75, although being down by 7 points after the 3rd quarter. Rest of the games over last two weeks could be described as a nightmare. They have lost 7 of them in total, by an average of 21 points per game. 5 of those 7 losses have been serious blowouts and neither of them have been close. To be fair we must say that they have had a relatively tough schedule and losing Darius Miles until at least mid January doesn’t help their case, but still it´s obvious that right now this team`s record and momentum is going to “south” fast.

The Hornets have been a pleasant surprise so far in this season. Their record 8-10 isn`t anything special, but it is about 8 wins better than most of NBA experts thought they will have after 18 games. Rookie guard Chris Paul has played like a top canditate for ROY award this year and as David West adds 16.3 points per game they only need a small support from rest of the roster to be able to win the games. The Hornets have won all the games they had to won losing mostly against strong opponents. Over the last 11 matches they have a record of 6-5 with losses against PHI, GSW, DAL, MEM, BOS and wins meeting ATL, ORL, MIN, SEA, DEN, PHI.

The Hornets have a solid team. They haven`t let struggling or weak teams to surprise them so far. Portland has all sorts of problems, being without their 2nd best player and having long losing streak in their minds. We don’t see this game being anywhere close and expect the Hornets to win with double digit lead. Medium+ stakes on spreadline -2.0 points!

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