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NBA 29.11

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NBA 29.11

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Clippers ML @ 2.61

Those two teams have already met twice in this season with Clippers winning the first game in overtime 100-99 and Minnesota taking a revenge few days later winning the second game 93-78.

In the first game the Clippers lead for most of the time and with 9 points after the 3rd quarter, but they faded in the 4th and let the T`Wolves to come back. Nevertheless the Clippers had an upper-hand for most of the overtime and took the first game. 2 days later they were leading at halftime, but 3rd quarter slump cost them the game.

The Clippers are holding a 9-4 record, while Minnesota is 7-5. Big difference here is that comparing with first 2 games L.A. has one huge addition - Corey Maggette is healthy, playing again and has shown solid perfomances lately. Minnesota has played good, especially at home, but they ride only on Garnett`s back for most of the time. This is their strenght, but against teams that are strong overall and in every position (like the Clippers) it could turn out to be their weakness. Elton Brand has killed the Wolves low post in both games, but he haven`t got a much of a help so far from his teammates. Expect it to be different tonight.

Although the Clippers will play away we don't rate them as an underdogs here. This game should be with equal chances. Sam Cassell has struggled in both games against his former team, but we expect him to bounce back tonight and along with efforts of Brand, Mobley and Maggette, carry the team in a position to win the game. Stronger overall lineup and addition of Maggette comparing to previous 2 games between those two teams, makes the Clippers ML @2.61 as a valuebet. Medium stakes 5/10.

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