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Eng 1.div       ke 09.04.2003   1  X  2   1    X    2     O/U 2.5
Stoke         - Rotherham      47 31 22  2.13 3.24 4.49  2.45 1.69

Eng 3.div       ke 09.04.2003   1  X  2   1    X    2     O/U 2.5
Shrewsbury    - Wrexham        30 26 45  3.38 3.87 2.24  1.68 2.47

ke 09.04  Expekt     Eng 3.div      Shrewsbury - Wrexham        2  2.45  OA 1.09
ke 09.04  Nordicbet  Eng 1.div           Stoke - Rotherham      U  1.80  OA 1.07
ke 09.04  Pinnacle   Eng 1.div           Stoke - Rotherham      X  3.40  OA 1.05


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Shewsbury-Wrexham 2 (2,45) 7/10 Expekt

Shrewsbury v Wrexham: Preview (Soccernet)


Shrewsbury will again be without suspended top-scorers Luke Rodgers and Nigel Jemson as they look for their first league win in eight games at home to Wrexham.

The duo sit out the second match of their two-game bans having also missed the goalless draw with Swansea on Saturday.

Experienced campaigner Ian Woan also looks set to be absent with the abductor muscle injury to his left leg that kept him out at the weekend.

Midfielder Mark Atkins has learned he will be out for a further three weeks with a cartilage tear after an exploratory operation on his knee.

Wrexham boss Denis Smith has received welcome news on the illness and injury front ahead of the trip to Gay Meadow.

Dennis Lawrence and Brian Carey, who were both ill at the weekend, have returned to training while Craig Morgan is feeling better after being sent home on Monday.

Winger Paul Edwards will have an injection in his ankle in a bid to be ready for the game but Steve Roberts remains doubtful after taking a knock on his jaw at Boston.


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