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Lanus - Banfield 2 (4,50) Centrebet
Olimpo - Nueva Chicago 2(4,15) Centrebet aiemmin 4,75
Chacarita - Huracan 2(4,15) Centrebet aiemmin 5,00

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Argentiinan ideoita ja näkemyksiä löytyy BA:n foorumilta ja nimimerkiltä argentino.

Tuossa lähteitä etelä-amerikan peleille:
BA:n foorumilta lainattua:

U can use www.footballargentino.com, a website with good info about the 5-6 big teams and a general announce of the forthcoming round of the league.

Mostly i use www.ole.com.ar, although this is a great newspaper in Argentina and the articles in the online edition r too many. If u got time though, u can read many details for each team until Friday and for each game (team vs team) on weekend. Nice info, but needs patience and log-in which is not that difficult.

These r my major sources for Argentina.

In Brasil... mmm, i use www.esportes.terra.com.br... the problem is that u need knoweledge of Portuguese or at least Spanish to understand a few... i cannot guide u to the news section (which is very good imo) from here.

Last, mexico... www.mundosoccer.com is the website, but i really don't know how good or bad it is... i am not interested in this league, so this means that i just have put it in my "favorites"... That's all with that.

I hope i helped. In my opinion, it's better to stick with Argentinian League. Argentino is an expert (hi mariano), the league has many opportunities and much fun... U will find there incredile articles for things that u think that can nevere happen in football... At least in our european mentallity (if u come from this continent).


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