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Women's World Cup Germany - Sweden

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Women's World Cup Germany - Sweden

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Germany- Sweden

I was not very complimentary about Sweden after their opener with Nigeria, maybe they were caught out by the severity of the conditions, they looked much better against the US, a team they know well , but a third draw with Australia left them needing help to qualify and a last 16 meeting with Germany was not how they saw this competition playing out for them. However, perhaps they will be more comfortable against another team they are far more familiar with and one against whom they have done well in the past. We can bet Sweden today at odds against, with a full handicap goal start, that would never have lost in nine previous meetings, including two earlier this year and given that Germany are unlikely to be too gung ho if they do take the lead and looked vulnerable after the break against Norway, that looks too big. Germany will doubtless start strongly again and Sweden might have to ride an early storm, but if they can see out the first ten minutes, I can see this becoming a bit cat and mouse and Sweden, who are very dangerous from set pieces, might even cause an upset.

Sweden + 1 ball 2.06 asian line/Sportmarket.


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