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Women's World Cup England - Colombia

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Women's World Cup England - Colombia

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England vs Colombia

Ahead of Columbia's win over France I wrote....

"Colombia has a potential world star in Yoreli Rincon and have also developed a bit of a physical side and France might be wary of that and might take the option to rotate. England did a job on wonderfully gifted Elodie Thomis on the left flank, she caused Colombia a lot of problems in the Olympics and they will have taken note of that . Famous last words, but I do not see France going out of they way to run in a hatful and a low scoring win , might still keep the option of avoiding Germany open, a wide margin victory will probably not. The US are the only team that have scored three against Colombia in the last five years and I see a one or two goal win for Les Bleus as the most likely outcome."

We took them +2.25 goals and they won 2-0, it was very much against the run of play, but Colombia were no less impressive for that and I would now argue that they have several, if not world class, then very close to it, offensive players, good options off the bench and are a tireless team with boundless energy and a bit of a physical side, they have a very good goalkeeper, which always gives you a chance and not many teams will play out the last 15-20 minutes better than them, all things considered, despite the early dominance of the French, they were pretty impressive. I watched some interviews with the English players yesterday and to a woman, they seemed to feel they were going to get kicked from pillar to post today, which seems odd and might influence how they approach this. It feels a bit drawish, England would like to avoid third place would could easily turn out to be a last 16 meeting with the defending champions, Japan, but as already indicated, I do not feel that they will finish as strongly as the South Americans. Colombia +0.75 ball 2.02 asian line/Sportmarket and a minimal stake on England to win by exactly one goal at a general 3.25-3.50 , which would mean that if Colombia score, as I think they will, England would need to score three for us not to turn a profit and they have shown no likelihood of doing so here in Canada and as previously discussed, it is a rare occurrence for the Columbians to concede that many.


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