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France Ligue2 Auxerre - Creteil

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France Ligue2 Auxerre - Creteil

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Auxerre - Creteil

This is a "friendly" and these matches normally provide entertainment at this stage of the season. Auxerre have a cup final with PSG to look forward to in two weeks time and no one secure of a starting place for that, will be taking too many chances over the final two league games and run the risk of missing out on what might be the biggest match of their career for many. So much for the hosts to look forward to, not just the final, but a 2015-16 season full of promise after ending this campaign strongly. Creteil will be equally pleased taht they are free of relegation worries with games still remaining after looking in trouble mid season, their decision to change coach and ditch their free and easy ways, where they were happy to go toe to toe and try to outscore anyone, has been vindicated, but is a little sad in terms of what they brought to Ligue 2 which was a real sense of adventure. However, I am hopeful that we might see a return to that over the final weeks and Auxerre look the ideal opponent. "over" 2.5 goals 2.06 asian line/Sportmarket Pro.


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