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Hieman myöhässä, mutta parempi kuin ei koskaan. No huh kuinka kulunut fraasi!

Queen of South - St.Mirren 1,62 - 3,64 - 4,41

Managerless St.Mirren have big injury troubles ahead of this clash as Kevin Twaddle, Eddie Annand, David Jack and Paul McKnight are sidelined through injury, while Jon O'Neil and Mark Crilly are suspended.
Another thing what makes this hard is that they haven't done extremely good this season away from home. Away record is 1 2 4 4-9 currently. Last round they were defeated by table leader Inverness_C at home 0-4.

This match was actually postponed from Saturday and it was only good news for the hosts. Today they will most probably get back 3 regulars from injury list and Jim Thomson returns from suspension.
Queen of South can also climb to top of the tbale with a win as they are currently only 1 point behind with one match less played at 5th position. So the top is very equal at the moment. Home team have a great record at home this season(4 1 1 10-6) and they have alredy won todays opponent once 1-0 at away.

Recommended bet: Queen of South @ 1,65 (Expekt). Lower stakes (5/10)


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