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Skotlannin liiga-cup 2/9

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Skotlannin liiga-cup 2/9

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Kertoimet centrebetiltä. Yhdistelmä Ross County/Inverness 1,72
Perustelut bettingadvicelta.

East Stirling vs. Ross County : 2 @ 1.35
Ross County are a 1st division side, while East Stirling are a 3rd Division part-time team. East Stirling have a terrible reputation here in Scotland as being the worst side in the country
They have not won a league match since January and have not won at home in the league for 17 months they are a team of part-time players who earn £10 per week.
Ross County are a good 1st Division side and have a record of 2-1-1 so far this season. They are clearly a much better side than East Stirling and should win this game by at least a few goals to spare. Raith Rovers (another 1st Division side similar to Ross County) won recently in another cup competition at East Stirling 5-2, and I would expect a similar result for the visitors here.

Inverness CT vs. Queens Park : 1 @ 1.28
This game is similar to the above as Inverness are a 1st Division team and Queens Park is a 3rd Division side.
Inverness are a very good side at their own ground and Queens Park part-time players will find the long journey to Inverness a tiring one in midweek. Queens are a decent side, but will not be good enough to get anything here.
Inverness are one of the favourites to win the 1st Division and go to the SPL next season. They do have a good chance as they have some very good players. Inverness should easily beat, like Ross County, the poorer 3rd Division opponents here.


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