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Saksan 2.Bundesliiga ti-ke

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Saksan 2.Bundesliiga ti-ke

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Saksan 2.Bundesliiga ti-ke

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Karlsruher SC TSV 1860 München 58 26 16 o/u 2,5 57 43
KSC missing Germany's top keeper Miller, but his french replacement did well last time out. 1860 has suffered (and will keep doing so?) from power struggles about the control of the club. KSC might just get their captain Eggimann back.

Rot-Weiß Essen TuS Koblenz 42 27 31 o/u 2,5 56 44
2 promotees, of which Essen has had a rougher ride. Great home support though, but Koblenz doesn't have to travel far and are very physical. Market much too high on over 2.5 as both score and concede. Paulo Sergio will be missed by the hosts.

Eintracht Braunschweig Unterhaching 47 30 23 o/u 2,5 40 60
EB has lost all 3 games under new coach Vasic. Haching no great travellers. A real battle here, which is likely to end goalless.

Paderborn 07 Hansa Rostock 36 29 35 o/u 2,5 42 58
Rostock off their game in the east derby against Jena. Have now 3 absolute key player doubtful. Top score Ker and Gledson should start though, despite muscular problems. Key playmaker Beinlich is more of doubt though, cause of his dead leg received against Jena. The home strong Paderborn should get offensive old timers René Müller and Erwin Koen back here. Must be slight favorites here, despite Rostock looking as the most complete side in this div.

1. FC Köln Erzgebirge Aue 64 23 13 o/u 2,5 60 40
FCK not able to win without Helmes, since his injury. "Scheisse" at Koblenz. Huge home advantage here against a really poor travellers.

Carl Zeiss Jena Greuther Fürth 36 28 36 o/u 2,5 50 50
CZJ supprised against Rostock in the east derby. High on confidence now against notoriously poor travellers, but GF has back to back wins under the belt and loads more class.

1. FC Kaiserslautern Wacker Burghausen 67 21 12 o/u 2,5 60 40
Lautern very impressive last time in Duisburg after that terrible performance at home against Freiburg. Their only ever home deeat in this div. WB showing improved form, but come looking for a 0-0.

Augsburg SC Freiburg 36 29 35 o/u 2,5 46 54
Both teams on the up. SCF had a terrible start for team hoping to get promoted. Are traditionally poor travellers, but were fantastic at Betzenber when dominating and beating Lautern 1-3.

Offenbacher Kickers MSV Duisburg 31 28 41 o/u 2,5 50 50
Kickers in good home form, but MSV great away and different class.


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