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1.Bundesliiga, 3.-5.11. pe-su

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1.Bundesliiga, 3.-5.11. pe-su

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1.Bundesliiga, 3.-5.11. pe-su

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Schalke still without Lincoln and missed him very very much last weekend. Gelsenkirchen is the bogey ground of Bayern though. 1 win during last 11 visits. 1-1 draw last year after 5 losses on the trot. 0-0 on cards here. Podolski missing for Bayern now. Poor at home on Tue against Sporting.

Hertha has absolute key player Basturk listed as very doubtful.

Wolfsburg German international Madlung back. HSV lost Kompany on Wed and are missing 3 best central defenders.

Mainz have a flu raviging the team. Azaouagh, Gerber & Noveski atleast missing because of it.

Bielefeld will sorely miss (3 weeks) Masmanidis's creativity. He got injured in last weeks route over Aachen.

Bremen missing Schulz now from starters. No big loss. Klasnic also out, but would've only made bench anyhow.

1. FC Köln drawn 3 lost 1 since the injury of Helmes. Koblenz has no class though and this one is atleast half a derby.


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