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MM-karsinnat 8. ja 12.10

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MM-karsinnat 8. ja 12.10

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Able to qualify: Togo, Senegal
Out: Zambia, Congo, Mali, Liberia
Togo currently lead the group by two points and, due to having the superior head-to-head record with Senegal, need only a point in their final match away to Congo to qualify. Senegal have to win at home to Mali, but also need Togo to be defeated.

Able to qualify: Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo
Out: South Africa, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde Islands, Uganda
Ghana lead the table by three points, and as both their games against DR Congo were drawn it could go down to goal difference. South Africa, the 2010 hosts, are out as Ghana have a superior head-to-head record. Although DR Congo mathematically have a chance of qualifying, it is surely no more than that. Ghana are five goals better off and travel to Cape Verde Islands in the final game. DR Congo, meanwhile, are away to South Africa and realistically will need to win by at least three goals to be in with a chance.

Able to qualify: Cameroon, Ivory Coast
Out: Egypt, Libya, Sudan. Benin
Cameroon's victory in the Ivory Coast at the weekend was vital, without the late victory they would surely be without hope of making a fifth consecutive appearance at the World Cup. As it is they go into the final round of games in pole position, but they do face a tricky home game against Egypt to secure a place. With Ivory Coast playing away to struggling Sudan they will be expected to cruise to victory following their 5-0 win earlier in qualifying, which means Cameroon will have to win their game. Ivory Coast must win as they would miss out on the head-to-head rule if the teams were to finish level.

Able to qualify: Angola, Nigeria
Out: Zimbabwe, Gabon, Algeria, Rwanda
Angola and Nigeria are currently level on points but Angola lead the table on the head-to-head rule. That means Nigeria must better Angola's result if they are to avoid the shock of failing to qualify. On paper, Angola travelling to rock-bottom Rwanda would seem a formality but they have yet to win on the road in qualifying, though they remain hot favourites. Nigeria are at home to Zimbabwe, who are out even regardless as they would not be able to beat Angola in the three-team head-to-head table. In that case, Angola would still go to Germany.

Able to qualify: Tunisia, Morocco
Out: Guinea, Kenya, Botswana, Malawi
The simplest of all the groups, as Tunisia play host to Morocco in a group decider. Morocco must win to reach the World Cup. Any other result sees African champions Tunisia on the plane.
Qualified: Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, Iran
Able to qualify: Uzbekistan, Bahrain
The cancellation of Uzbekistan's first leg victory over Bahrain, due to a gaffe by Japanese referee Toshimitsu Yoshida, means this month's play-off has been scrapped and the two teams will try again in October. The winner of the play-off will play the fourth placed team from Concacaf in November for a place in the finals.

Qualified: Mexico, United States
Able to qualify automatically: Costa Rica, Guatemala
Able to make the play-offs: Trinidad & Tobago
Out: Panama
Costa Rica are hot favourites to take the final automatic place after Guatemala picked up only one point in the last two rounds of qualifying. However, with Costa Rica facing the United States on October 8 before travelling to Guatemala on the final day the outcome is far from certain.

Guatemala have to win both games, and with the first being away in Mexico they face a stiff task. If Costa Rica draw with the USA, Guatemala will qualify on goal difference by winning both games.

Trinidad can still take the play-off spot, and will gain confidence from Guatemala's recent form and by the fact their rivals do have to travel to Mexico. But they too play the Mexicans, at home. As Guatemala have the better head-to-head record, Trinidad may well have to win both games... which will be difficult.

Able to qualify automatically: Netherlands, Czech Republic
Able to make the play-offs: Romania
Out: Finland, Macedonia, Andorra, Armenia
Although the Czech Republic still have to play at home to the Netherlands they are unlikely to top the group, with the Dutch at home to Macedonia in their final match. To top the group the Czechs have to realistically win both games and hope Macedonia hold Holland. Romania can take second spot if they win in Finland in their final game, and the Czechs pick up just one point from their matches at home to Holland and in Finland.

Qualified: Ukraine
Able to make play-offs: Turkey, Greece, Denmark
Out: Albania, Georgia, Kazakhstan
This is one of the groups which has produced a titanic battle, but for the play-off spot rather than the automatic berth. Turkey currently sit in second place and travel to Albania for their final match, but qualification is not entirely in their own hands. Victory in Albania coupled with a draw between Greece and Denmark four days' earlier will earn a play-off place.

Realistically, Denmark must beat Greece in Copenhagen to keep their hopes alive but with Turkey likely to pick up three points their chances are slim.

Greece, on the other hand, will make the play-offs if they win their last two matches, in Denmark and at home to Georgia. And with Turkey having a better goal difference, with the head-to-head level, they surely have to pick up six points.

Able to qualify automatically: Portugal, Slovakia, Russia
Out: Latvia, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg
Although Portugal have not yet booked their place in the finals they just need one point from their remaining two fixtures, both at home, against Liechtenstein and Latvia.

The real tussle is for the play-off place, which Slovakia currently hold comfortably on goal difference. The penultimate games see Slovakia host Estonia and Russia at home to Luxembourg so, barring an avalanche of goals for the Russians, Slovakia will need just a point on home turf when the two teams meet in the last match decider.

Able to qualify automatically: Switzerland, Ireland, France, Israel
Out: Cyrpus, Faroe Islands
France's win in Ireland has brought at least a little clarity to the group. If France beat Switzerland in Berne they will effectively be in the finals, with their final game being against Cyprus. If Switzerland win although they will be in control they would still need a point against Ireland to be absolutely certain of the automatic place.

A draw will leave the Swiss just in the ascendancy - but they will have to beat Ireland at home in the final match. To finish top France would have to claw back a goal difference deficit of three against Cyrpus.

Israel will surely record 18 points as they finish their qualifying programme at home to the Faroe Islands. Their only realistic hope of reaching the play-offs is for France to beat Switzerland and then the Swiss to draw with Ireland - which is possible.

Ireland's hopes hang by a thread. They must win their two remaining games - the other being in Cyprus - and hope Switzerland lose both to make the play-offs. If Ireland win both games and Switzerland beat France then it will go down to goal difference, which leaves the Swiss in control but it's very hard to call as the goal difference could change wildly in the final rounds.

Able to qualify automatically: Italy, Norway, Slovenia
Able to make the play-offs: Belarus, Scotland
Out: Moldova
Italy have won the group in all but name, leading by five points with just two games to go. A point against Slovenia in the next game will book their place. But if they lose that game they must then beat Moldova, again at home, to be certain of the finals.

The battle for the play-offs is not so certain. Norway appear to have the upper hand, leading Slovenia on the head-to-head and finishing with games against Moldova and in Belarus. Six points will guarantee the play-off spot, though they only need to match Slovenia's achievements in Italy and at home to Scotland.

In contract, Slovenia need to better Norway's points haul and with a trip to Italy and then a game against the resurgent Scots they are the underdogs.

Scotland must win both their remaining games and hope Slovenia pick up no more than a point in Italy. They would then lead Slovenia on the head-to-head rule. They also need Norway to pick up no more than four points - if level it would go down to goal difference.

Although Belarus mathematically remain in the hunt their chances are extremely slim. They must win in Scotland and at home to Norway and then hope the Norwegians are defeated at home by Moldova and Slovenia gain no more than a point from their two games. Even then, they will need to turn around a goal difference deficit of three.

Able to qualify automatically: Poland, England
Out: Austria, Northern Ireland, Wales, Azerbaijan
This has been a two-team group for some time and the maths are simple. If England win at home to both Austria and Poland they will be the group winners, otherwise the Poles will go automatically. If England do top the group, Poland are almost certain to be one of the two 'lucky losers'. England could be a 'lucky loser', see below.

Able to qualify automatically: Serbia & Montenegro, Spain, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
Able to make the play-offs: Belgium, Lithuania
Out: San Marino
Serbia need to win both of their matches, in Lithuania and at home to Bosnia, to guarantee top spot. If they pick up four points, then there is every chance that Spain can draw level and overturn the deficit of four goals and top the group on goal difference. Spain travel to Belgium and host San Marino - where they will look to record a big victory.

Bosnia must win both of their remaining games, at home to San Marino and in Serbia, and hope Spain do not do the same to top the group. Under the same circumstances, if Spain do win both of their games Bosnia will be in the play-offs.

To make the play-offs Belgium need to win both of their remaining games, at home to Spain and in San Marino. And with Spain also playing San Marino, Belgium will need to beat Spain by at least two goals which will then leave the play-off place down to goal difference, or the head-to-head between the two teams and Bosnia should they all finish on 17 points. If the three teams are level, Belgium will be in the play-offs on the head-to-head mini-league.

Although mathematically Lithuania can make the play-offs, Spain's game against San Marino effectively ends their hopes.

Able to qualify automatically: Croatia, Sweden
Out: Hungary, Bulgaria, Iceland, Malta
Thankfully another straight-forward group. Next time out Sweden, who lead by a point, travel to rivals Croatia and will qualify with a victory. If the game is a draw, Sweden must only match Croatia's final day result. Sweden host Iceland while Croatia go to Hungary.

If the first match is level and Sweden then lose to Iceland, Croatia will qualify on the head-to-head rule with a draw in Hungary.

The two best second placed teams will also qualify automatically. Effectively the two teams will come from one of three groups; Group One, Six or Eight. The teams realistically still in the running are as follows:

Group 6 - Poland - 24 points

Group 1 - Netherlands 22

Group 8 - Sweden - 21

Group 8 - Croatia - 20

Group 6 - England - 19

Group 1 - Czech Republic - 18

It would take a crazy set of results for Poland not to take one of the top spots - should England actually go on to win Group Six. If England beat Austria and the Czechs lose to Holland on October 8 then England will be through to Germany.

Points for the team finishing 7th are deducted for groups 1-3.

Australia cruised past surprise area finalists Soloman Islands 9-1 on aggregate this month. They will now face the fifth placed nation from South America for a place in the finals.

Qualified: Argentina, Brazil
Able to qualify automatically: Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile
Able to make play-offs: Venezuela
Out: Peru, Bolivia
With only two games remaining, Ecuador and Paraguay appear set to fill the final two places from this region. Ecuador can book their place with a draw in the next game at home to fifth placed Uruguay, while Uruguay have to win to stay in with a chance of an automatic place.

Paraguay will qualify regardless if Uruguay fail to win and the game between Colombia and Chile ends in a draw. Two draws will see them clear on the head-to-head, as will victory in Venezuela.

Uruguay have to win both of their remaining games and hope for either of the teams above to slip up.

The race for the final play-off place remains tight, though the loser of the game between Colombia and Chile would be out. Venezuela's last day trip to Brazil would suggest their chances are slim.


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